Friday, October 5, 2012

Tinkyada Pasta Joy

Are you like me? Have you been eating brown rice pasta that is grainy and mushy in texture while dreaming of the smooth, yummy pasta you can no longer eat?

Well, let me tell you about my latest discovery!!! Tinkyada Pasta Joy - it is joy indeed!! An acquaintance of mine who has Celiac Disease made dinner not too long ago and it was a pasta dish. I knew she didn't use regular pasta because, duh, she can't have gluten. I couldn't believe the texture and the taste were so amazing! While I was shoveling it into my mouth, she told me the brand was Tinkyada pasta. I swear, this tastes like regular pasta but is made of brown rice.  Tinkyada makes all the different shapes and sizes just like normal pasta.Whole Foods carries several different varieties of these noodles but if you don't have a Whole Foods close by you can order it on Amazon (is there anything you can't order on Amazon anymore?).  It does costs more than De Boles (bummer) but it's totally worth it.  The first time I fed it to my husband, he raved about how good it was.  He had been eating my mushy brown rice pasta too and was as thrilled about my new discovery as I was!

Try some of this pasta for yourself and taste just how good it is!

I was not compensated to write this post. 

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