Monday, October 17, 2011

Ham and Egg Scramble

UPDATE:  Deli meat is not part of the anti-Candida diet.  Dayna, one of my readers, kindly brought this to my attention shortly after I posted this "recipe."  I did a little reading and found a comprehensive list of diet "do's and don'ts" on Candida Control Diet. So, please disregard all my references to deli meat below and use a meat such as chicken which has been baked or broiled. 

Ok, this is kind of a no brainer "recipe" but I thought I'd share anyway. I eat TONS of eggs on my anit-Candida diet because they are quick and easy to prepare, which is a rarity when adhering to this diet.  (Does anyone else spend way more time in the kitchen than they would prefer?) Last week, I decided to spice up my daily lunch routine of scrambled eggs.  Whole Foods ran a special on their ham deli meat chicken, so I scooped some up and got to work.

First, saute chopped onions in olive oil until they are soft. 

Then, finely chop the lunchmeat chicken (yes, I know it looks like ham lunchmeat, but it should be chicken) ...

 ...and toss it in with the onions to warm up.

Season your eggs with salt, pepper and some paprika and scramble.

Cook, plate and enjoy (and savor the fact that you prepared a meal in less than 5 minutes!).  


  1. I thought deli meats were off limits? I've been eating moderate amounts of chicken deli meat that is all natural with no preservatives, but I thought just the curing process was "illegal" for candida... am I wrong? I would love it if I were in this case! :)

  2. Dayna, I just did some readig and you are right. I'm not sure how I missed this...I guess I thought since it was meat it was alright. I'll definitely update the post with this info! Thanks!

  3. Oh so sorry to burst your bubble!! :( I believe this includes hot dogs and sausages as well due to the processing. :( Sauerkraut is good for candida, and I only like it with sausage!! Any suggestions for what to eat with it?